A small bit of the biographical/historical.  I have been a Doctor Who fan since 1981, when showings on Madison’s WHA forever caught my attention.  As I was a typically destitute college student, the way I relived Doctor Who, before VCRs that is, was to audio tape them.  It was a wonderfully evocative way to embed the series into the subconscious. Just listen to The Caves of Androzani on audio and see if that doesn’t provoke a reaction!   That’s why I have had such a great time of late catching up to the amazing work Big Finish have been doing with Davison, Baker, McCoy and especially McGann.  Radio drama is a particularly English medium, and they do it exceptionally well.  Thank you from a grateful fan!

Onto a slightly more mundane matter.  I have received several E-mails which boiled to their essence say ‘Love the site– hate the pop-ups.’  And while I can’t disagree, there’s not much to be done about the pop-ups either, unless you use a pop-up stopper of some sort.  My plug of choice is Pop-UP Stopper.  It certainly works here at the Tour.