Bad Wolf

2005 saw the series return in grand style with Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler. One of the differences between the new series and “classic” series is in the production coding used for the stories as well as story structure overall. Therefore for our purposes we will use those you see below, which are more in keeping with the Tour’s general nomenclature.

Additionally for this media-rich age, Billie Piper and John Barrowman non-Doctor Who images have their own sections of the Tour, accessible below. One additional note in the aftermath of the 50th Anniversary.  

In The Time of the Doctor it was revealed that the ‘War Doctor’ from The Day of the Doctor was in fact the actual ninth Doctor, making Eccleston the 10th.  Enjoy the pix.

Code Title SC Assistants Time Original Air Date
8A Rose Rose 0:45 3/26/05
8B The End of the World Rose 0:45 4/2/05
8C The Unquiet Dead Rose 0:45 4/9/05
8D Aliens of London Rose 0:45 4/16/05
8E World War Three Rose 0:45 4/23/05
8F Dalek Rose 0:45 4/30/05
8G The Long Game Rose 0:45 5/7/05
8H Father’s Day Rose 0:45 5/14/05
8J The Empty Child Rose 0:45 5/21/05
8K The Doctor Dances Rose, Captain Jack 0:45 5/28/05
8L Boom Town Rose, Captain Jack 0:45 6/4/05
8M Bad Wolf Rose, Captain Jack 0:45 6/11/05
8N The Parting of the Ways Rose, Captain Jack 0:45 6/18/05
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