Carnival of Monsters

The Doctor presented here is Jon Pertwee, whose flamboyant portrayal of a largely Earth-based Doctor was not only the first of the color-era, but the first exposure for many here in the U.S. in the mid-70’s. Somewhat underappreciated because of a certain “sameness” of feel that tended to permeate his stories throughout his era, it should not be forgotten that it was also most be cohesive, with the “family” UNIT intact, not to mention the incomparable Roger Delgado.

In order to find stories with screen captures a little more easily, we’ve inserted a TV symbol ( or ) where appropriate into each of the Doctor’s index pages which links to the relevant SC page for that story. This should make these images more accessible as well. To refresh the Jon Pertwee era ran like this…   Enjoy the pix!!

Code Title SC Assistants Time Original Air Dates
AAA Spearhead From Space Liz, UNIT 1:32 1/3/70 to 1/24/70
BBB (Doctor Who and) The Silurians Liz, UNIT 2:35 1/31/70 to 3/14/70
CCC The Ambassadors of Death Liz, UNIT 2:41 3/21/70 to 5/2/70
DDD Inferno Liz, UNIT 2:35 5/9/70 to 6/2/70
EEE Terror of the Autons Jo, UNIT 1:30 1/2/71 to 1/23/71
FFF The Mind of Evil Jo, UNIT 2:16 1/30/71 to 3/6/71
GGG The Claws of Axos Jo, UNIT 1:31 3/13/71 to 4/3/71
HHH Colony in Space Jo 2:17 4/10/71 to 5/15/71
JJJ The Dæmons Jo, UNIT 1:53 5/22/71 to 6/19/71
KKK Day of the Daleks Jo, UNIT 1:29 1/1/72 to 1/22/72
MMM The Curse of Peladon Jo 1:33 1/29/72 to 2/19/72
LLL The Sea Devils Jo 2:17 2/26/72 to 4/1/72
NNN The Mutants Jo 2:18 4/8/72 to 5/13/72
OOO The Time Monster Jo, UNIT 2:17 5/20/72 to 6/24/72
RRR The Three Doctors   Jo, UNIT 1:34 12/30/72 to 1/20/73
PPP Carnival of Monsters Jo 1:34 1/27/73 to 2/17/73
QQQ Frontier in Space Jo 2:24 2/24/73 to 3/31/73
SSS Planet of the Daleks Jo 2:21 4/7/73 to 5/12/73
TTT The Green Death Jo, UNIT 2:34 5/19/73 to 6/23/73
UUU The Time Warrior Sarah, UNIT 1:31 12/15/73 to 1/5/74
WWW Invasion of the Dinosaurs Sarah, UNIT 2:27 1/12/74 to 2/16/74
XXX Death to the Daleks Sarah 1:35 2/23/74 to 3/16/74
YYY The Monster of Peladon Sarah 2:14 3/23/74 to 4/27/74
ZZZ Planet of the Spiders Sarah, UNIT 2:14 5/4/74 to 6/8/74
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