Another update in the books vaulting the score ever closer to 10000 images getting the overall total well over 9800.  Of note with this update is the new distinction between the miscellaneous images for each Doctor and what (for lack of a better term) we are calling ‘Who Not Who’ for images of Doctor Who actors clearly taken out of their respective era or in other roles.

We’ve had a lot of fun seeking these images out of late, but noted that Miscellaneous sections for each Doctor were bursting at the seams (in Colin Baker’s case approaching 200 images) so this should make this a little easier to navigate.  Entry to the ‘Who Not Who’ section are available through each Doctor own summary page below.

November 23rd is approaching fast!  As previously stated we’re attempting to get past 10000 images by the time we hit November 23rd, which is not only the 39th Anniversary for the program but the 5th for the Tour.  If you have some images which you would like to contribute, answer our clarion call.  Thanx in advance for your help. (We’ve already had a few helpers contribute… thanx!)  All of the e-mail links on the site are working by our analysis, so feel free to contribute.