Slow-burn Sojourn

In this shortened Autumnal run of Doctor Who stories, the mystery guest of the group was definitely The Power of Three.  A very deliberate change of pace, especially given how frenetic author Chris Chibnall’s Dinosaurs on a Spaceship was, this episode also has the distinction of being the RTD-iest episode of the series to emanate from Mount Moffat.

Lots of good fan service to be had from the mention of Zygons to the next-gen UNIT.  This was a distinctively quiet story, until the countdown began of course, and character based as was The Lodger or Closing Time.  The interaction between the Doctor and Amy, or the Doctor and Brian, were all well-earned and appreciated here at THT Towers, and as such this is a story that sits better on a second viewing than on the first, but there’s also the unmistakable feeling that this is a story which is somewhat less than the sum it’s parts.  Pleasant but also a bit forgettable.

Images and caps for The Power of Three are now online.

Next week, owing to pre-existing family obligations, there will be a delay in getting relevant images for The Angels Take Manhattan.  Stay tuned though.  It’ll be worth the wait.