McGann Before McGann

As the Golden Sweep of History finishes washing through Jon Pertwee’s Season 10, arriving at The Green Death.  For those who would, as sometimes happened, decry the classic series as being un-emotional when compared to 2005 and beyond, we offer the first truly emotive, we hasten to add in the view of the Tour, companion departure–that of Jo Grant leaving the Tardis to marry Clifford Jones.  But understated does not mean un-emotional, and her exit to Stewart Bevan’s Jones gets us every time.

The thing is, this last time watching this pairing of Manning and Bevan we just couldn’t get over how much Bevan looked like TVM-era Paul McGann, locks and all.  Okay so it’s not a new revelation, but still ….  Just one more parallel, however unintentional, between The Enemy Within and the Pertwee era.

Bevan passed away in February of last year.  One of many actors who may have had Doctor Who cross their career path just once, but who were always well remembered for that moment.


New HD caps for The Green Death were completed some time ago, but just look at Bevan and we bet you’ll also see a shadow of a Doctor from 23 years in the future.