… And All That Yaz

It’s a pity, sometimes an inevitable one, that Doctor Who, even in one of these scattershot years which have become all-too-common of late, does not align with the other obligations of life.  Oh, the work on The Power of the Doctor for Tour purposes got done, and to our exacting Tour standards, but by the time we got our thoughts together about it, we felt the ‘moment’ had passed and opinions, which we largely share, had been strewn everywhere else so the Tour Honchos will continue to let the matter rest, for another day.

Still wasn’t it exhilarating to see Davison, Baker, McCoy, McGann, and Bradley (as Hartnell) again, in context.  What other show could pull on its own history in such a spectacular way?  Other than a soap, we dare say only Doctor Who could.

Purely from a nostalgia perspective, The Power of the Doctor would have been a worthy 60th Anniversary story.  However, in an interesting flip from The Time of the Doctor, which was a regeneration story adjacent to an Anniversary story, Power  was a regeneration story that will feel, in the fullness of time, adjacent to an Anniversary.

In any event the eclipsing of an era in Tour terms prompts a desire to also ‘close-out,’ that section of the Tour, at least for a little while.  We’ve done a nice deep dive on Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole, and, most recently, Mandip Gill.   We have also found a way to greatly increase the quality of some of our images, but it is a sloooow process.


There’s another Anniversary looming soon, one significantly less significant than the 50th or 60th, but one worth marking nonetheless … next time.