The Hand of Fear

Was there an actual 12th Doctor? Technically the answer is yes. At the end of The Stolen Earth the Doctor is shot and begins to regenerate but uses the energy to heal himself and redirects the rest to ‘the hand,’ which he lost all the way back in The Christmas Invasion. ‘The hand’ eventually became the ‘human Doctor’ in Journey’s End and stayed behind in the parallel universe with Rose. But in The Time of the Doctor viewers were told that despite “vanity issues” this was a countable regeneration. For the sake of completeness here are the stories for the 12th Doctor.

So here’s a hand for the 12th Doctor. The good news is if you’re going to give the Doctor a hand, make it a good one. There are some choices down below…

10E Journey’s End Donna, Martha, Rose,
Captain Jack, Sarah
0:65 07/05/08
10F The Next Doctor Jackson Lake 0:60 12/25/08
10G Planet of the Dead Lady Christina 0:59 4/11/09
10H The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith 0:55 10/29/09 to
10J The Waters of Mars Adelaide 1:02 11/15/09
10K The End of Time Pt I Wilf 0:60 12/25/09
10L The End of Time Pt II Wilf 1:13 01/01/10