Richard E Grant -- Who Not Who!

A part of it's online ambitions with Doctor Who, BBCi produced late in 2003 as part of the 40th Anniversary celebrations a new online story starring Richard E Grant as some future incarnation of the Doctor. This BBC sanctioned event made him Tour-worthy, and by extension was touted for the new Doctor Who series starting in 2005. While the title role was just recently given to Christopher Eccleston, we're still acknowledging his contribution for the pantheon of Doctor Who here, although it does pose something of a problem within the nomenclature we use within the Tour. As a temporary measure we have changed the designation for Richard E Grant images from d9-w### (for they we all of the miscellaneous variety) to the more nebulous dx-w###. What the final disposition of these images will be remains to be seen, but you should enjoy them while they last.
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