Dance with the Snake Who Brung’ya

The Tour continues it’s backward cap trajectory with the addition of caps for Snakedance.  Second story of the 20th Season (though first into production) and a follow-up to the previous seasons Kinda, this is an example of a very effective re-visitation for a returning villain in Doctor Who, which to be charitable, was not exactly a strength for JN-T, but was certainly a focus back in 1983.

Those who focus on the dodginess of effects in Doctor Who had ammunition with both of these Mara stories, but they’re also missing the point.  Kinda was an exercise in spiritualism (and even had a book written about it), but Snakedance was much more conventional and every bit as nice in storytelling.  It also featured wonderful performances by Martin Clunes (almost his first credit) and John Carson.

These cap additions continue their relentless march ever further into the past.

I wonder what next week’s cap addition will be?