Doctor on Doctor ACTION!

No, not really.  But it makes for a good post title, doesn’t it?

One of the perks of managing a collection this large is noticing where the streams cross, as it were.   That is noticing when two (or even more) Doctors appear opposite each other.

Some of these opportunities come easily, such as con photos or a Big Finish group photo, but the Tour is more interested when this select group of 14 acts together.  And with Jodie Whittaker inbound this makes those opportunities are somewhat easier to come by.

What prompted us was coming across an image of Eccleston and Whittaker in a production of Antigone at the National Theatre.  Then there are loads of pictures of Whittaker opposite Tennant in Broadchurch.

It stretches the point a little to include Richard E Grant in our roster of Doctors for this point but since he’s in the Tour one has to look no further than Withnail and I to see oodles of pictures of Grant opposite Paul McGann.

But our favorite is something from 1953.  Well before Doctor Who was a glint in Sydney Newman’s eye both William Hartnell and Jon Pertwee appeared in the film Will Any Gentleman…? 

Hartnell was definitely the more established actor in this movie but just the fact that these two shared screen time at all makes it a notable oddity.  Den of Geek wrote a much more expansive article which pulls this all together.

All part of the tapestry of Doctor Who my friends.  Next time there’s some waffling about the passage of time, and the anniversaries which set the clock.