The Enemy Within

The Paul McGann section of the Tour is the proverbial odd duck of the group…of course. Unlike all of the other Doctors, McGann has but one (televised) story to call his own, the 1996 TVM “The Enemy Within,” thus the story codes used for the true “BBC” series of Doctor Who don’t apply here, which in turn affects the numbering system used here in the Tour. Hence the numbering system used here is very straightforward, with galleries set for every 120 images or so.

Starting in October 2002 we were able to separate out the screen captures from the 1996 TVM to their own pages. A November 2004 update was particularly McGann-centric so his “Who Not Who!” images have been totally renumbered and reset. Finally, a May 2005 consolidation of the section has simplified navigation within the pages.

Update November 14th 2013: As part of the run-up to the 50th Anniversary the BBC produced a ‘mini-sode‘ titled The Night of the Doctor which featured Paul McGann as a tie-in for the 50th Anniversary story The Day of the Doctor. We finally get to see McGann regenerate! Enjoy the pix!

The Enemy Within
The Night of the Doctor
The Paul McGann Miscellany
Paul McGann — Who Not Who!