Here’s where visitors to the site can help us as this new phase of the Tour takes hold.  With nearly 9000 images there are about 30000 links spread throughout the whole of the site.  We aren’t going to pretend that all of them work properly, though we did our best.  Help keep us honest by giving us feedback and we’ll set about correcting it.

We also apologize for the enormous number of pop-up links which will undoubtedly dog visitors as they move around on the site.  To get 900MB of server space this is what we had to move towards.  If you have a pop-up killer that works (which I’ve never found personally) then use it in good health.

Now a word or two about the down sides of moving to a permanent display format.  It’s obvious when I peruse other sites when they have borrowed somewhat extensively from this site.  Fine.  After all this site in the beginning was intended to be a Doctor Who resource and this shouldn’t be different now.  But please please PLEASE do not directly link to pages, aside from the main entry.  There are ways to root this out, and in the end will only cause more work as these links will assiduously be moved to avoid this problem.  Nuff said.