The Wheel in Cheese

The Tour has labored long to produce something it hasn’t done in over a year, namely to produce the first site-wide update, one which touches every single corner of the site from Hartnell to Capaldi with even a little Richard E Grant thrown in for good measure.  This update adds over 2400 new images (raising Tour total to 217700 in all) with about as many other being improved as over existing Tour content. As always you can find the stories with new images by looking for the ‘new’ over in The Master List.

The Peter Capaldi page has also been updated in advance of the new season reflecting tentative story titles and airdates for his first series.  Additionally, we have brought up to date The Score portion of Tour Notz as well as altering The Quarter Millennial Club to show off which stories have the most images attached to them.

Now the decks have been cleared for new Doctor Who.  Can’t wait!