The Mind Robber

The Doctor presented here is Patrick Troughton, whose tenure is quite sadly least represented in the BBC Archives, but his Chaplinesque portrayal as the Doctor has been fondly remembered for over 50 years and his passing in 1987 marked a milestone in this fans appreciation for this era of the program.

In order to find stories with screen captures a little more easily, we’ve inserted a TV symbol where appropriate into each of the Doctor’s index pages which links to the relevant SC page for that story. This should make these images more accessible as well.

To refresh the Patrick Troughton era ran like this… Enjoy the pix!

Code Title SC Assistants Time Original Air Dates
EE The Power of the Daleks Polly, Ben n/a 11/5/66 to 12/10/66
FF The Highlanders Polly, Ben, Jamie n/a 12/17/66 to 1/7/67
GG The Underwater Menace Polly, Ben, Jamie n/a 1/14/67 to 2/4/67
HH The Moonbase Polly, Ben, Jamie n/a 2/11/67 to 3/4/67
JJ The Macra Terror Polly, Ben, Jamie n/a 3/11/67 to 4/1/67
KK The Faceless Ones Polly, Ben, Jamie n/a 4/8/67 to 5/13/67
LL The Evil of the Daleks Polly, Ben, Jamie n/a 5/20/67 to 7/1/67
MM The Tomb of the Cybermen Jamie, Victoria n/a 9/2/67 to 9/23/67
NN The Abominable Snowmen Jamie, Victoria n/a 9/30/67 to 11/4/67
OO The Ice Warriors Jamie, Victoria n/a 11/11/67 to 12/16/67
PP The Enemy of the World Jamie, Victoria n/a 12/23/67 to 1/27/68
QQ The Web of Fear Jamie, Victoria n/a 2/3/68 to 3/9/68
RR Fury from the Deep Jamie, Victoria n/a 3/16/68 to 4/20/68
SS The Wheel in Space Jamie, Zoe n/a 4/27/68 to 6/1/68
TT The Dominators Jamie, Zoe 1:54 8/10/68 to 9/7/68
UU The Mind Robber Jamie, Zoe 1:34 9/14/68 to 10/12/68
VV The Invasion Jamie, Zoe, UNIT n/a 11/2/68 to 12/21/68
WW The Krotons Jamie, Zoe 1:26 12/28/68 to 1/18/69
XX The Seeds of Death Jamie, Zoe 2:16 1/25/69 to 3/1/69
YY The Space Pirates Jamie, Zoe n/a 3/8/69 to 4/12/69
ZZ The War Games Jamie, Zoe 4:00 4/19/69 to 6/21/69
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