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The Doctor presented here is William Hartnell the granddaddy of them all (especially Susan), whose tenure set the standard and put it all in motion.  The Hartnell stories, though slow and ponderous by modern standards, still can thrill.  If only fans who had never seen the Daleks before seeing that certain sucker stick going at Barbara, then it would be easier to appreciate the effect they had not only on the program but on British pop-culture itself.

To refresh the William Hartnell era ran like this…   Enjoy the pix!

Code Title SC Assistants Time Original Air Dates
A An Unearthly Child Ian, Barbara, Susan 1:31 11/23/63 to 12/14/63
B The Daleks (The Dead Planet) Ian, Barbara, Susan 2:41 12/21/63 to 2/1/64
C The Edge of Destruction Ian, Barbara, Susan 0:46 2/8/64 to 2/15/64
D Marco Polo Ian, Barbara, Susan n/a 2/22/64 to 4/4/64
E The Keys of Marinus Ian, Barbara, Susan 2:19 4/11/64 to 5/16/64
F The Aztecs Ian, Barbara, Susan 1:33 5/23/64 to 6/13/64
G The Sensorites Ian, Barbara, Susan 2:21 6/20/64 to 8/1/64
H The Reign of Terror Ian, Barbara, Susan n/a 8/8/64 to 9/12/64
J Planet of Giants Ian, Barbara, Susan 1:11 10/31/64 to 11/14/64
K The Dalek Invasion of Earth Ian, Barbara, Susan 2:20 11/21/64 to 12/26/64
L The Rescue Ian, Barbara, Vicki 0:49 1/2/65 to 1/9/65
M The Romans Ian, Barbara, Vicki 1:33 1/16/65 to 2/6/65
N The Web Planet Ian, Barbara, Vicki 2:18 2/13/65 to 3/20/65
P The Crusades Ian, Barbara, Vicki n/a 3/27/65 to 4/17/65
Q The Space Museum Ian, Barbara, Vicki 1:26 4/24/65 to 5/15/65
R The Chase Ian, Barbara, Vicki, Steven 2:09 5/22/65 to 6/26/65
S The Time Meddler Vicki, Steven 1:30 7/3/65 to 7/24/65
T Galaxy Four Vicki, Steven n/a 9/11/65 to 10/2/65
T/A Mission to the Unknown   n/a 10/9/65
U The Myth Makers Vicki, Steven, Katrina n/a 10/16/65 to 11/6/65
V The Daleks Master Plan Steven, Katrina, Sara n/a 11/13/65 to 1/29/66
W The Massacre   Steven, Dodo n/a 2/5/66 to 2/26/66
X The Ark Steven, Dodo 1:33 3/5/66 to 3/26/66
Y The Celestial Toymaker Steven, Dodo n/a 4/2/66 to 4/23/66
Z The Gunfighters Steven, Dodo 1:29 4/30/66 to 5/21/66
AA The Savages Steven, Dodo n/a 5/28/66 to 6/18/66
BB The War Machines Dodo, Polly, Ben 1:28 6/25/66 to 7/16/66
CC The Smugglers Polly, Ben n/a 9/10/66 to 10/1/66
DD The Tenth Planet Polly, Ben n/a 10/8/66 to 10/29/66
  An Adventure in Space and Time     11/21/13
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