The Hurt Locker

He is Doctor Who’s new Man of Mystery, and yet he is familiar to anyone who has followed British Cinema with more than 50 years of credits to his name.  In the final moments of The Name of the Doctor John Hurt was revealed to be a heretofore unknown regeneration of the Doctor, one whose story we can only assume will be told during the 50th Anniversary story in November.

What he is or isn’t is something that will only fuel fan discussion in these intervening months to November, all of which puts the THT Supremos in a bit of uncharted territory.  Depending on what John Hurt turns out to be could have massive effects on the Tour, but for now he falls into Richard E Grant ‘Mystery Guest’ category of the site and as such we decided to be a bit circumspect ourselves.

The Tour has scraped together a nifty set of 450+ images into The Hurt Locker, a Who Not Who! collection of John Hurt pictures.  Whether these will eventually be folded into the Tour proper or discarded entirely at some future point is a question better asked November 24th, but for now enjoy the pix.