The Seven Keys to Whos-day

Steven Moffat, like any Doctor Who writer, is not without his quirks.  But when he is fully committed to an episode, as he seems to have been in Dark Water, the result is noticeably more intense.  The first 15 or so minutes of Dark Water, including the Doctor/Clara confrontation, even if it was ultimately a fake-out, is particularly memorable.  And we loved it.

But ultimately history dictates that we give Dark Water an ‘incomplete’ as grades go.  Too many times before the first half of a two-parter has been more intriguing than the conclusion.

Also somewhat incomplete is the image gallery for Dark Water.  We’re holding back on a great many images we have collected as we’re still not sure whether they belong here or in next weeks conclusion, so checking back after ‘Death in Heaven’ should prove to be fruitful.

The caps however are both plentiful and glorious.  Can’t wait for next week.