Dos Dominar? Doh!

There’s a twinge of giddy excitement about the latest news nugget pertinent to the run-up to Series 10.  Just as the Tour was primed and ready to announce one massive site-wide update which clears the decks around the vast THT Worldwide Estate before Series 10 descends (see The Master List for details), comes the news that there’ll be two Masters coming in one of the Series 10 stories.

Well … why not.

It’s hard not to stifle at least a bit of a giggle at the news.  Crossing every finger and a predominance of toes we sure hope so.  At a minimum, there’s the faintest whiff of box-checking going on.  After all there have been, at a minimum, five TV stories where multiple Doctors appeared in the same story (though it should be said not necessarily together) so to have a multiplicity of Masterdom could be interesting and novel.

As always the proof is in the pushing.  We only hope it’s not a repeat of The Mark of the Rani in so far as the presence of the Master alongside the Rani was almost entirely unnecessary.

One last bit of Tour business before the new Season begins, but we’ll do it without any of that glowy finger messiness.