Respiration Reset

Exhale …. now.  So begins another era of Doctor Who, and one that feels very assured indeed.  Deep Breath may not have been the best opener for a Doctor ever (more on that a few days hence) but it is a solid, solid start.  Caps can be found here.

Unlike The Day of the Doctor which filled it’s running time very well, Deep Breath strained a bit straddling the line between just being an overlong episode and something which was more justly ‘feature length.’

But this is a nitpick.  Capaldi certainly commanded your attention in Deep Breath, but it was Jenna Coleman who held the story together mindful of the troika of companions who carried much of Castrovalva or Rose in The Christmas Invasion.

There will hopefully be more to say later in the week.  Mention should also be made of another fresh influx of images to The Peter Capaldi Miscellany owing to the remaining legs of the publicity tour in the run-up to Deep Breath.  They’re lovely too.