Torture Couture

You’re looking at a few tortured souls here at THT Worldwide.  Death in Heaven aired a comfy seven days ago (as of this writing) and yet we haven’t posted about it.  It’s not because the images weren’t available on the site, because they were, but rather because we were so torn about our feeling about Death in Heaven, and for that we have a bit of a story.

The THT Brain Trust tend to be Star Trek Movie contrarians (did we forget to tell you this would go the long-way-round?).   Our favorite of them all is “Star Trek the Motion Picture.”  Yep, they got it right the first time.  This is not to say the movie is without obvious, gaping flaws.  But buoyed by a surprisingly sophisticated emotional story, Jerry Goldsmith’s unparalleled score, and most importantly the fact that we worked so very hard to like it, we rate it as best it’s kind.

This is the space that we feel Death in Heaven lands in except for one vital point.  Whereas we were able to push ST:TMP up over the hill, we haven’t been able to repeat the feat with Death in Heaven.  Now we may get there someday, but as for now we just couldn’t surmount some of the inherent clunkiness within Death in Heaven.

We feel this most especially with the posthumous treatment of the Brigadier.  We surely hope that this wasn’t Mount Moffat’s way of getting Lethbridge-Stewart into nu-Who through the back door.  We would have very much preferred an upscaled relevant classic clip talking to Pertwee or Baker than what we saw in Death in Heaven.

Michelle Gomez was fun to watch and all. Capaldi was his usual excellent self.  But for now we’ll put Death in Heaven way down on the Dynamic Ratings Table and on simmer.  It’ll be worth a re-visit sooner rather than later.

By the way did we forget to mention that caps and images for Death in Heaven are online?  That they are.

A site anniversary and the return of Classic Capitology beckon.