Our Lives Are Different To Anybody Else’s

Well shoot.

The Tour, along with the rest of the larger Doctor Who community, notes the passing of Deborah Watling, who had the distinction of being with the second Doctor during the legendary 5th season, the ‘monster season’ as it has been fondly remembered.

Watling was on the receiving end of one the second Doctor’s greatest moments, a quiet respite in The Tomb of the Cybermen, her second story, that feels as current today as it did 50 years ago.

There’s an odd dissonance regarding actors in beloved programs, especially ones from our youth.  We inherently know these people are aging just like everyone else, but they’re also somewhat held in amber, only a disc or stream away from their former selves.  Watling was 69. Tom Baker is 83, and Sylvester McCoy is closing in on 74.  We’ll have similar posts in the future.

As for the Tour, we went through our Patrick Troughton — Who Not Who! section and found we had more Deborah Watling pictures there than we remembered, so we broke them out, along with a few more that hadn’t posted yet, to their own section.

Our lives are different to anybody else’s … that’s the exciting thing!