William Hartnell  834
Patrick Troughton  561
Jon Pertwee  960
Tom Baker 1562
Peter Davison  913
Colin Baker  672
Sylvester McCoy  875
Paul McGann  243
TOTAL  6620

After five occasionally long years, the Tragical History Tour is proud to announce the end of “Primary Image Acquisition!”  What exactly does this mean?  Only that I have completed as an ongoing scanning project importing images from all of my various and sundry sources.  Thus the image count which has been steadily rising for over two years and now resides at a tidy 6620 images, will now slow down in growth considerably.

What does this mean for the Tour and the site?  Simply that whereas I have been almost single-mindedly focused of late in completing PIA, I can now re-focus my efforts at improving the site as a whole, expanding the reach of services beyond the four currently offered (including much more regular Eye of Orion updates) .  Heck I might will work in the site re-design that I promised would happen at the beginning of the year.  As for the site, remember that the Tour never ends…  The current cycle of images running through The Cloister Room will run until March 2002, which we fully intend to see through.  Visitor counts are way up of late.  Thanx again for all who visit with regularity.

There should also be an Eye of Orion update coming during the first ten days of October.

The Tour forges forward in the Pertwee era with the most anonymous of his seasons, the ninth, in The Cloister Room.  Meanwhile in The Panopticon we are looking at the latest addition to ‘The Century Club.’