Christmas (Again) Comes But Twice a Year

Would’ve used a better post title but the Tour already used it … 7 years ago.  Ah well.

To the surprise of no one, the presence of Doctor Who at Comic-Con has produced not only the title to the final Peter Capaldi story Twice Upon a Time but also a preliminary trailer.

Did the Tour cap the trailer?  You already know the answer to that. (since withdrawn)

Gone from the realm of speculation then is the question about whether Pearl Mackie will be appearing in the finale.  There’s also a feeling of the finality of an era with the titled presence of Moffat-collaborator-in-chief Mark Gatiss.  We also spotted a bit of ret-conning spying with a Polly stand-in during Hartnell glowy hand syndrome.  Pretty sure episode 4 of The Tenth Planet didn’t show that.  Just saying.

Still it’s enough for the Tour to break out the old countdown clock, a mere three weeks after The Doctor Falls. One last trip, but with room enough for two.