Been a while since the right hand side of the page has been updated… where we occasionally ruminate about things not necessarily Doctor Who.  A small confession first:  Doctor Who was not my first TV SF ‘love.’  While familiar with Star Trek in repeats the first series I chose to call my own was… Battlestar Galactica.  An awkward, too-close-for-Lucas-comfort series which ran for one year only, 1978-79.  I loved it to death.  Now there’s a new re-imagining of the series (proper) which will air on Sci-Fi beginning in January but whose episodes have been airing in the UK already.

It’s a better series.  No doubt about it.

Thing is… I don’t care as I will dance with the ‘girl’ who brought me.  Nevertheless I will continue to watch new series, hopeful that this time ’round, it gets a better chance to evolve than it did the first time.  My guess is that I will feel much the same way when another series returns after a very long time away next March.