YARS (Yet Another Regeneration Story) Diss

The Tour Honchos, in their finite wisdom, felt a refresh was in order to help shake the ennui that has befallen many a Doctor Who site in this gap year.

It’s like 2016 all over again.

Inevitable snark aside, the Tour has fallen in severe ‘like’ with a nifty new theme, which because we’re a Doctor Who site we brand as a ‘site regeneration.’  But, as these things go, we’ve now been pounding out all of the inconsistencies to make the Tour xtra-purdy going forward.

On the back-end of the site, where all of the real content lies, we’ve also been tightening things up to make movement easier between galleries.  We also slid in a small-ish Tour update of about 3000 or images just to complicate matters while we were at it.

One last housekeeping item.  For a while we’ve been keeping two rss feeds running tracing back to when our hosting was more itinerant that it has been of late.  We’re now deprecating one of these so that this is the one people should use going forward.