New-to-Blue Peter

Welcome to the TARDIS Peter Capaldi.

And now as fans we (the collective ‘we’) begin the process of mentally making the turn from one occupant of the blue box to another.  As someone in my household who was very attached to Matt Smith admitted at the time of the announcement, ‘I don’t know how to feel.’  Here at the Tour we know, and understand.

And isn’t that the best bit of all, the not-knowing, the anticipation of the unknown and away from the ‘familiar,’ which itself was the new and strange just a short time ago (or so it seems).  One interesting factoid in the wake Capaldi’s ascension is the move from Smith, the youngest, to Capaldi, who will be the oldest at 56 when his stories begin airing in Autumn 2014.  The second oldest was William Hartnell, who was also 55 when the show began, but just seemed so very much older. That’s not fair, but it is perception.

In essence, the Tour got what we wanted with someone older in the role.  It’ll be a nice flip to go from Smith who was able to project so much older and wearier than his age belied to Capaldi who might go for the Pertwee vibe and possess that youthful twinkle despite appearances.

In any event the Tour welcomes young Mr. Capaldi in the only way we know how, by throwing together a quick batch of 200 or so Who Not Who! images of Peter.  In our haste please forgive any rough edges these pix might have.  More will undoubtedly be on the way.