The Great Migration Begins

In this Moffat-ized world we all now live in some (and of course when we say some we’re really talking about us) Doctor Who websites have been faced with what David Tennant called in The Christmas Invasion “a great big stinking problem.”  As a site ostensibly dedicated to Doctor Who history the tectonic shifting of the ‘Doctor order’ presaged in The Day of the Doctor has now come to pass.  Matt Smith was not the 11th Doctor as he was introduced, and to be fair will always be in memory, but rather the 13th with Peter Capaldi the 14th.  We all know the math by now.

When the Tour Supremos set up the nomenclature (oh so many years ago!) which allows us to manage all of the Tour’s content both locally and on the servers we use no one could have imagined the scenario we’re now faced with.  We could of course ignore all of this and move forward allowing for some naming exceptions as we do now, but the smart long-term play is to move to properly re-number the affected sections of the site in accordance with this ‘new reality.’

But make no mistake, this portends to be a big project, fraught with tons of broken links waiting to explode like mini, virtual incendiary devices.  Moving the core of the site around (as has happened far too many times to count) is relatively easy compared to this.  And we’re going to, by necessity, do this by counting backwards.

So in the end this is a plea for patience while the process begins, a bit like regeneration really.  But unlike Matt Smith’s sudden change, this will be more gradual.  Please let us know.  For our part as each relevant Wing of the Tour is completed we’ll announce it on Twitter.

The good news?  The Capaldi section, about 200 images out of 200,000, is already done!