Crusader Habit

The triumphant return of Classic Capitology is picking off a bit of low-hanging fruit from the Hartnell era, resurrecting a technique we’ve used before for incomplete stories such as The Underwater Menace.

The Crusades was a dead-in-the-middle Hartnell historical which was most notable for it’s guest cast of Jean Marsh and Julian Glover.  Both were considered big ‘gets’ at the time for a series like Doctor Who.  For a long time episode 3 was the only existing part of The Crusades, then in 1999, a film copy of “The Lion” (episode 1) was discovered in the collection of a New Zealand film collector.  For Tour purposes we have replaced the Tele-snaps of episodes 1 & 3 was much higher quality (and quantity) screencaps.

The Crusades is as typical a Hartnell story as you are ever likely to find, but as an example of that rarity (given the whole of the series), the true historical it’s a treasure worth seeking out.  A nice way for the lads in Classic Capitology to get back in the swing.