BUS Bias

Just as there are endless variations in tone and structure which have kept Doctor Who around, and fresh, for more than fifty years, there are also the ‘old reliables’ which can safely be relied upon to deliver the necessary story tension.

Could there be a more prototypical BUS (Base-Under-Siege) story than Under the Lake?  It’s certainly, and quite knowingly, part of a long line of such stories including Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead, The Ice Warriors, The Web of Fear, The Impossible Planet, and so on and on ….

It all looks gorgeous, and while Under the Lake could, with some justification, be viewed as something of a pastiche, it’s also apparent that Under the Lake, with part 2 still forthcoming, is being told backwards.  That said the cliffhanger was dynamite, and we quite like the pacing, but here at THT Worldwide Under the Lake simply can’t be graded without seeing ‘Before the Flood’ airs.  We feel a timey-wimey coming on.

Caps and images for Under the Lake are now online.