Question Marks for your Lepel (or was that repel?)

Lost in the translation with the premiere of Planet of the Dead was a slight style revamp for images on story pages.  In short, slideshows are back.  Long time visitors will remember that slideshows have been around before, and annoyed more than a few in the process.  The implementation is better now, and most importantly optional, now being just a gentle gliding through episodes on any story page.  It should also be noted that navigation through images can also be simply done manually just by using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Now for a bit of HTML help.  Something of a plea really,  The THT Brain Trust is being driven batty by the inability since the move to a WordPress-style blog for our front-end to see header icons on any story index page.  The images, used for navigation, are being properly pointed to on story index pages but aren’t showing up in any display variation we’ve thrown at the site.  Anyone who can help solve this puzzler will earn…. our warmest personal regards.