Pertwee at 100

Today the Tour celebrates the Centenary of the birth of John Devon Roland Pertwee in the only ways we know how.

In addition to targeted Pertwee-specific site update for his section of the Tour, we’ve also put together a special gallery of 100 of our favorite images of the man himself culled from across the whole of the Carnival of Monsters galleries.

Pertwee, amongst his other gifts, was a fantastic ambassador for Doctor Who, often venturing out into the wider world from 1977 all the way to his death in 1996.  This of course included participation in The Five Doctors, the stage play ‘The Ultimate Adventure,’ on radio in ‘The Ghosts of N-Space,’ and even the dubiously titled ‘Dimensions in Time.’

While Doctor Who was not really a ‘footnote’ in Pertwee’s career, the length of his career, especially in radio from 1938 onwards, might justifiably lead you to think otherwise.

So here’s to the colourful Doctor, but also the colourful character Jon Pertwee.


If the Tour had truly been in the ball we would have had on these tributes way back in 2008.  As it is we’ll be having another next year.