Sainted Patrick

Been a while since the right hand side of the page has been updated… where we occasionally ruminate about things not necessarily Doctor Who.

This fan is not only one of Doctor Who but of vintage British television.  In the 1960’s there were three main pillars of ITV adventure series which made some impact in the US.  The most prominent of these was The Avengers.  Secret Agent (or Danger Man as it was known throughout the rest of the world) also made an impact.  I love both of these shows dearly.  McGoohan (pre-Prisoner)  was amazing.  Now I have finally got a chance to see the third.

Roger Moore may not have been a terribly good Bond (like many I’m a Connery loyalist) but his TV tour de Force The Saint, currently being shown weekdays @ 4pm EDT on BBC America is must see for fans of vintage British TV.

This might go doubly for Doctor Who fans for you will get to see many well-known Doctor Who faces in their primes. The very first day I was rewarded with seeing Patrick Troughton just before he took over for Hartnell, the very next I was treated to Roger Delgado.  Others I’m sure will follow.

Give it a look before they decide to run more room makeover shows.