Volcano Day

The Tour Executive Council had a different story planned as this weeks cap addition, but the passing of Caroline John forced an abrupt course change.  Inferno is an epic story (and, in the opinion at least of this fan, his favorite UNIT story, noting also that his favorite Pertwee overall, The Sea Devils, is not a UNIT story in any real sense) and also makes my Top Ten from the classic series.

It’s a tribute to Caroline John how well her ‘Section Leader Shaw’ squared off in intellect and reserved cool against both Pertwee and Nick Courtney when the whole world was crumbling around them.  At seven episodes the story still seems taut and never flags, even if some of the interpersonal dealings, especially with Stahlman, did seem repetitious after awhile.

With seven episodes to cap Inferno is also, from an image management perspective, something of a rule breaker.  There are a lot of caps, and as has been the case of late, these captures do represent a significant improvement in quality as well, though at times the video quality varies considerably from episode to episode.

Thanx once again Caroline.  I wonder what next week’s cap addition will be?