Spring Forward, Fall Over

The first major site update for 2013 comes only days before the last run of new stories before the 50th Anniversary.  This is a true spring cleaning type of site update, adding a relatively modest sum of 600 images to the overall image count, but clearing the decks of images which have been piling up at THT Universal while simultaneously clearing up a few hundred duplicate images which worked their way onto the site and cleaning up some legacy code by remaking every index page (over 500 pages) on the site.


As always you can see what’s new by going to The Master List.

In observing the run-up to series 7b, we continue to be amazed at how it seems the BBC are the masters of publicity, what with Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman seeming to be everywhere… transatlantically!  We’ve also included caps for the (inevitable–aren’t we spoiled!) Prequel to The Bells of St John.

As always with a new series, we’ll be posting images and caps related to the story the day after air (fingers crossed).  It should be great!