One Short of a Century for Our Sainted Patrick

For the rest of the world St. Patrick’s Day occurs on March 17th.  But Doctor Who fans, being just a little more patient, know March 25th is a much more oppurtune date, for this year marks the 99th anniversary of his birth.  After noting the same for Jon Pertwee last year, how could we not for Patrick Troughton.

It’s the contention here at the Tour, as we have perhasps mentioned before, that Patrick Troughton is the most important Doctor in the history of the program.  Re-castings in television, while uncommon, do happen, but the regenerative twist offered in Doctor Who provided other oppurtuniities, and if Troughton’s decidedly different take didn’t take, then Doctor Who would be a fondly remembered curiosity of the age.  And while the Tour is celebrating Troughton’s 99th a day early, there’s another notable anniversary happening on the 26th we should be writing about.  No need to spoil everyone on content early.

The 25th also coincides with the broadcast of episode 3 from The Macra Terror.  We had hoped to be able to improve those images and captures in time for this anniversary but instead we’re settling for a small point update affecting many Troughton-related galleries, including some quite-nice Who Not Who! images.

If you’re still questioning the sanctity of his Sainthood, Troughton appeared in The Saint twice.  Kind of reinforces the premise dont’cha think?