Appealing A-Paul-ing

An all-too-rare confluence of events have allowed the Tour Honchos to put some spade work back into the final product and clear the backlog of un-assimilated images and abandoned posts/thoughts.  This time around we’ll return to the serendipity of seeing significant Doctor Who personalities showing up elsewhere in our Anglophilic meanderings.

New Tricks is one of those shows which seem to have been around, doing their thing, forever.  It ran for 12 seasons between 2003-2015 but for Tour purposes we’ll focus on 2011’s Season 8 episode 6 ‘Object of Desire’ and look who appears, none other than Paul McGann playing Inspector James Larsen, who, in the end, turns out to be the bad guy.

McGann just can’t help playing smooth guys, and he doesn’t disappoint here.  This was before the Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary and his involvement in The Night of the Doctor where it seems he seamlessly slipped back into the role.

Now 6 years after that dont’cha think he could still get away with it?