Dressed to the 99ths

Just a few months after noting the centenary of Roger Delgados’s birth the Tour remembered, just a little too late as it turns out, about Jon Perrtwee’s 99th. The Tour had been assembling an overall Pertwee update and the spur of a birthday got us to put it online, belatedly.

That Pertwee’s Doctor was a ‘Dandy’ is of course central to his era of the program, but that was reflected also in Pertwee’s own personal sense of style.

Quite a few of the newer additions are from the earlier parts of Pertwee’s career.  As the images show, he wasn’t just a character, he was a chameleon.

And since we were thinking about it, the centenary of Patrick Troughton’s birth will be coming in March 2020.  We’ve already got it on our calendars.