SunnyMakers Side UP!

These gap years wreak havoc on website ambition.  Despite the Tour’s considerable ennui, the news that a subset of classic Doctor Who episodes, including a dedicated channel, have appeared on Pluto TV (hence the tenuous connection to The Sun Makers).

It’s a pure, linear, ‘waterfall’ experience in an otherwise on-demand world that can’t be paused, rewound, or reasoned with.  And we do wish that the insertion of commercials were not the jarring and seemingly arbitrary interruptions they appear to be, but that seems to be necessary evil for having the serendipity of knowing Doctor Who is just a keypress away.  And, as importantly, despite the ads, the episodes seem to be uncut.

In the time it has taken to lazily compose this post, the remainder of (Doctor Who and) The Silurians has played out.  The Three Doctors is on now and Planet of the Spiders is on next.  Yesterday Revenge of the Cybermen and Logopolis were on offer.

What a delightful surprise!