50 for 50 — My One and Lonely

It shouldn’t be a surprise that with 250 televised stories (as of our list pick date of December 15, 2012–we’re up to 258 now) you should expect quite a bit of diversity in 4 people picking 50 stories each for inclusion in the 50 for 50 Countdown.  Nevertheless you would think that there would be more uniformity once you get down to any ones Top 20.

Not so.
Another bit of minor data mining from the 50 for 50 lists…  Here’s an alphabetized list of stories which were among the top 20 selections on any list, but which did not appear on any other list–anywhere!.  Diff’rent Strokes?  You bet, but isn’t it something of a surprise that Dalek only made one list, let alone The Christmas Invasion or The Ark in Space?
The Ambassadors of Death Dalek Horror of Fang Rock
The Ark in Space Father’s Day The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit
Carnival of Monsters The Five Doctors Planet of the Daleks
The Christmas Invasion Frontier in Space The Two Doctors
The Claws of Axos Fury from the Deep The War Games

We all have stories that individually we love out of all proportion (another excuse to mention Planet of Fire).  It’s just fascinating to see how thoroughly it happens though.

More fun with lists to follow.