50 for 50 — The Greatest Stories in Doctor Who History — #46

The Tour’s 50 for 50 countdown continues our remorseless assault on the best stories in Doctor Who history and alights this week upon another story which might be overlooked by some, and definitely under-appreciated by many more. One of only two non-Dalek stories written by Terry Nation (the other being The Keys of Marinus) it’s the best take on the surreal ‘English village’ in The Android Invasion.

Perhaps best known as the story where Sarah Jane’s face comes off, but the story boasts some of the best Tom/Lis interaction in all of their time together. The Kraals are effectively realized and it’s also the last UNIT story (albeit somewhat reduced without the Brig), but it’s the setup for the story which is fascinating, a parallel Earth story that isn’t quite. a doppelganger story that isn’t quite.

The Android Invasion isn’t the best story in Season 13, in fact it’s not even in the top half of stories in this all-timer of a season (spoilers!), but as a little gem it fits quite nicely in at #46. — David

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