How Egg-citing!

That Doctor Who should have a love affair with Moon-based stories should be a surprise to no one, but we fear that Kill the Moon will wax and wane with the tides the moon creates.  In the aftermath of watching the story we thought of the following stories in no particular order, Aliens of London, Nightmare in Silver, The Waters of Mars, The Beast Below,, and of course Planet of Fire.  We’ll state from the off that the scenes taking place on the lunar surface could not have looked better.

The controversial points though have to do with the Doctor’s supposed lack-of-knowledge regarding future history.  In Aliens of London viewers were explicitly told the Doctor did not know that the Slitheen ship would crash land in modern London.  We were also told in Kill the Moon that this was not a fixed point as in The Waters of Mars so that choices could be made, but was his clearing off an abdication of responsibility?  This is what will divide fans, and while in keeping with the Capaldi Doctor, is why Clara unloaded on the Doctor at the end of the story.  She’s feeling the weight of these decisions and doesn’t like it.  It’s an adult decision for an increasingly adult show.

Kill the Moon is certainly an episode begging to be talked about.  We’re certainly somewhat ambivalent at it here at THT Worldwide.

The caps however are gorgeous.  Lots of images to be found as well.

Are you my Mummy?  Next week we’ll know.