Spy-falling Into Place … (at last)

It has not gone completely unnoticed that Doctor Who will be returning to the small screen on January 1st.  When they said Series 12 would be returning early in 2020 they weren’t kidding around.  Our patented countdown is busy turning down the days until that time, and the pre-publicity has begun rolling out, but we have a few questions to go along with the requisite anticipation.

With the two-part opener ‘Spyfall’ airing on January 1st and 5th, it could mean that the season will be over as early as March 1st just going by the calendar.  That feels like an awfully short season to us after a prolonged absence, but we also wonder that 2020, being an Olympic year, might cause Series 12 to be split in some way.  A similar fate befell Resurrection of the Daleks back in 1984 and launched (for 1984) the misbegotten experiment with 45-minute episodes which didn’t go all that well in Season 22 back in 1985.

In any event the Tour has capped the second series 12 trailer.  Spyfall is coming, in the middle of winter.