(Colin) Baker’s Dozen

The Tour Honchos have just checked… we’re not living under a rock.  The announcement of the next actor to play the Doctor will take place on Sunday August 4th at 18:00 GMT and will be available to watch live both in England and the U.S. (and almost certainly in ‘colonies’ worldwide).

Mount Moffat has declared “The decision is made and the time has come to reveal who’s taking over the TARDIS.”  Here at THT Worldwide we have no better insight at the new occupant than anyone else, but here’s what you can expect of us…

We’ll put together as decent a set of images for the incoming 12th Doctor as time and gumption will allow for posting on August 5th.  We also marvel at the BBC, once again, as the Masters of Publicity, not only in the secrecy with which the casting process has taken place, but in the acknowledgement that in this media rich age (in which they play a significant role) there’s no point of keeping a secret any longer than could possibly be expected.  When the ‘new boy’ shows up for his first table reading, the world will know, so why not make some hay out of the unveiling.  Long, long gone are the wistful notions that RTD had back in 2005 that he could keep any part of this renewal process secret.

With this in mind then, the only outstanding question regarding the 12th Doctor will be whether he will make an appearance in the 50th Anniversary Special.  We’re betting yes, as the icing on the cake for the 50th, or at least as a propelling force taking us to Christmas, but that remains to be seen.

Can’t wait!