Got the DT’s Yet? …

And no we’re not referring to the current Tardis occupant, rather it’s the nagging feeling that we’re missing something.  It’s rhythm, or rather the rhythm of a season unfolding before our eyes, week to week.  The anticipation of the next story, reaction to the last and, at least during the RTD era, the shaping of what the season is building up to, is all but gone.

I suppose it couldn’t help be otherwise, and so this is what a “gap year” is truly all about… the lack of anticipation.  If there had been a full season in wing now, we would (as of this writing) be two to four episodes in already.  Planet of the Dead felt like a season opener (an overlong season opener) in tone and content, but it’s hard to work yourself up for The Waters of Mars 6+ months out.

Still if fandom survived 16+ years with only one televised story to chew on, six months is a breeze.