Who Was That Masqued Man I Saw You With?

Classic Capitology has been a little slow out of the gate for getting back in the swing of filling in gaps in the Tour, but our patience has been rewarded with a new set of caps for The Masque of Mandragora.

A glorious example of that unique Doctor Who staple, the pseudo-historical, the Tour Brain Trust felt the odd touch of deja-vu between this story and …. Last Christmas?  Follow this a little.  The Masque of Mandragora was Sarah Jane’s penultimate story.  She had been on the show for three full years at this point and her rapport with Tom Baker was off the charts, but even in Masque there were hints that change was in the air.  Harkening back to our Clara-ion Call we just can’t shake the feeling that Clara is nearing her ‘Masque’ moment.

And that’s okay.

Look … The Masque of Mandragora is an above average story during one of Doctor Who’s most fertile and creative runs.  It’s got Norman Jones, Tim Piggot-Smith, and just enough Portmeirion to make a fan of the Prisoner a little dusty.  It’s all too easy for overlook this little gem given the whole of the series.  Fortunately, the new caps are both new, numerous, and improved.

Classic Capitology stays on the case next time.  Bring your butterfly nets.