The Caves of Guacamole

This is it.  The much awaited finale for Classic Capitology (though we hasten to add not for the Tour itself).  The last ‘complete’ story in the whole of classic Doctor Who to get the treatment is the Jon Pertwee story (Doctor Who and) The Silurians.  It would be unfair to call The Silurians the first ‘real’ Pertwee story instead of Spearhead From Space, but Spearhead is perhaps, because it was a first story for a Doctor or more importantly as it was the only all-film story in the whole of classic Who–thereby giving it a distinctive look separate from any other story at the time, less indicative than say, Robot would be years later, of the Pertwee era than The Silurians is.

And what a cast The Silurians has.  Aside from the regulars, you have Paul Darrow, Peter Miles, Norman Jones, Geoffrey Palmer, Fulton Mackay all joining in on the action.  There’s also plenty of action to be had with helicopters, Bessie, and the like, but it’s the tonal shift set in The Silurians which would carry through the remainder of Season 7.  The race against the Silurian plague which takes up most of the final three episodes is gripping, not the least because there was an uncommonly dogged scientific bent to the efforts given countering the contagion.

Here at the Tour we’re not so sure that, at seven episodes, we love The Silurians as we love Inferno but we sure respect the heck out of it.  The new caps for The Silurians follow the usual blather about being much improved over what existed previously.  But you knew that already.  Thus endeth Classic Capitology.

But not quite … there are three stories within the Tour that, although ‘fully capped’ by Tour standards, could still use a fresh coat of paint.  Those will be coming along … soonish.