Announcing 50 for 50 … The 50 Greatest Stories in Doctor Who History

The Tour is proud to announce our 50th Anniversary Project. 50 for 50 … the 50 Greatest Stories in Doctor Who History.  Every Doctor Who fan knows what they like and don’t like in Doctor Who.

But for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who in 2013 the Tour wants to know which stories you like most in Doctor Who history, and would like to help you use Tour content to express which stories are your favorites.  In order to this fun, we’re making a bit of game out of this so here are the rules…

  • We are confining ourselves to televised Doctor Who only.  Any ancillary Doctor Who projects (Big Finish etc) while lovely, aren’t covered by the scope of the Tour so we will stay within these bounds.
  • Ideally participants should have a passing appreciation for the full sweep of the series to allow for fuller story selections.  This is NOT a pre-requisite however.
  • Every participant (and we’re looking for up to four people to contribute) must submit their top 50 list, in order, by December 20th.  The countdown begins January 1st. (Some allowance might be made for stories airing in 2013 TBD)
  • Once someone has put a story into the countdown, it’s off everyone else list, thus you should follow your list in order by what hasn’t to that date been chosen. In this way it’s sort of like a ‘suicide pool’ for picking stories, but should also provide interesting insight into how others view the series.
  • We’ll take turns going from 50 to 1.  If it’s your turn, the Tour Brain Trust would like you to dash off a few quick paragraphs about your selection to share in a post.  These will be submitted by e-mail and will be subject to editing by the Tour.  Asking to take part in this countdown will require this investment in your time so think carefully before committing to the project.

The Countdown begins January 1st and the first four stories will roll out on January 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th 2013, and afterward on Wednesdays leading all the way up to November 20th, 2013.

Good luck and thanks in advance for helping out with this project!