A Tip of the Cap and a Call for Caps

Here at THT Towers we like to fancy ourselves as iconoclasts.  Still it is nice on occasion to see your own good taste ratified in other forums.  Notably, in this case, we’re referring to DWM 413 and the Best Story EVER Poll conducted.  The favorite there, as here, is The Caves of Androzani.  The reasons for it’s much-deserved status are numerous and well discussed elsewhere, but even now it holds up, giving the fan those tell-tales chills which signify the special from the rest.  As for the rest of the results, there are the inevitable quibbles and disagreements, the most obvious of which is how post-2005 stories, such as The Empty Child can be chosen when they’re only half of a larger story.  That’s why we’re fans I guess.

While we’re tipping our collective caps to Caves, we’re also doing something at Tour HQ we’ve seldom done before.  As this long, lean, Who-less stretch enters the home stretch, we’re always thinking about ways to continue to grow Tour content, one that has a definite goal in mind.  Despite other signs on the site of lethargy or outright hibernation, we continue to amass images for the next site-wide update (timeline TBA) but in consideration of attempting to reach 100,000 images total for the site by the end of 2010, we are turning to you (yes YOU, and YOU and quite possibly you) for help in reaching this goal.  And here’s the way in.

Screen caps.

Going through any of the Doctor’s index pages show any number of gaps where a specific story has no, or very few, screen caps attached to it.  Should you have SC’s for any of these stories in above average quality (at least 600×450 pixels in size) or would be willing to undertake capping these stories to help us fill in the gaps here at the Tour, we would be quite appreciative.  The person(s) doing the capturing would get credit for their work for the relevant pages (fair is fair, and make no mistake–it is work) as well as our warmest personal regards.  Such a deal!

Of course there are the inevitable caveats… namely that we reserve the right to edit, retouch (for color-correction, cropping, sharpening and general image improvement), or even delete any images for redundancy as we see fit.  But with that understood, we hope to be hearing from some of you soon.