The Clean Death

With the announcement that the first half of Season 7 will begin with Asylum of the Daleks on September 1st, the Tour, and indeed all of Doctor Who fandom, is thankfully back on the clock again after roughly eight months.

Here at THT Omniversal we were planning to do this anyway but as is our tradition we have cleared the decks for what should be a crazy September by putting forward a site-wide Tour update (the first in four months save for the weekly cap additions) which adds about 2500 images boosting the overall site image count to 156,000 while improving many, many others. For the terminally curious please go to The Master List for the list of what has been changed.

There are also a few other notables for the Tour as of this update:

  • The countdown clock has been restored. The Dynamic Ratings Table will finally be revised for the new run of stories.
  • Louise Jameson images have been broken out to their own section. We didn’t realize just how many of them there were!
  • The first single story to go over 1000 images has arrived. It is The Eleventh Hour. And guess what? After the September run it won’t be the last either we have a feeling.

Going forward there will be two more cap additions before the September rush overwhelms us. As always we are holding images for the new stories until after the stories have aired but please check back to see all of the images and relevant caps. We’re also about to announce a long-term project which will leverage Tour content to begin in December.